Los Angeles Looking for Cannabis Social Equity Program Manager

The passage of Prop. 64 has opened many positions within the cannabis industry and as a result the Los Angeles city’s Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is seeking a Principal Project Coordinator who will be responsible for running a Cannabis Social Equity Program. In an attempt to follow suit with similar programs in Oakland, Sacramento and San Francisco; the project aims to find those negatively affected by the war on drugs, mainly minority or undeserved communities, and implement them into the cannabis industry.  

However, as the cannabis industry hasn’t fully legitimized in Los Angeles the position has not been fully rolled out.  Josh Drayton, the director of communication and outreach for the California Cannabis Industry Association, noted to Forbes that the city has been using funds meant for the social equity program to pay for overtime wages to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The DCR ensures that they are looking for a social equity program manager and there will be funding for the position.

According to the job listing, DCR is looking for an individual with a master’s degree or at least three years prior experience of community development or providing services to undeserved communities. The salary ranges between $95,776 to $140,021 per year.