In Memoriam: Richard Maullin of FM3 Research

It is with sadness that we learned of the passing of Dr. Richard Maullin last week, at the age of 78 from complications associated with Parkinson's disease. Richard was, along with John Fairbank, the founding partner of FM3 Research, one of the leading polling firms in California and partner with hundreds of local agencies and officials. The California State Senate confirmed him as chair of the California Independent System Operator Corporation Board (CAL/ISO) of Governors in 2015. Maullin was a key figure in the rise of Governor Brown in the 1970s. Brown told City News Service “Richard helped me begin my political career in 1969 when I was elected to the junior college board in Los Angeles." Maullin was later a chief deputy for for Brown when he was California secretary of state and was Brown's associate campaign manager in 1974. 

From a FM3 remembrance of Richard:

"It is no exaggeration to say that Richard was the heart and soul of FM3 Research. It was his management and vision that guided us, his diligence and calm demeanor that steadied us, and his commitment to the principles of sound public opinion research that helped build us into the company we are today. He was always there to give advice, fix a problem, find a solution or, in his own wry and humane manner, offer a telling observation or make a situation better. Richard was a calming influence who kept us moving forward with a steady and unshakable force. It often seemed as if he spent his days guiding his clients through the thickets of public opinion and politics or business while devoting his nights to ensuring that our company stayed afloat through the storm clouds of the economy and consulting industry."

Maullin managed successful gubernatorial campaigns and provided opinion research and strategic consulting to candidates for governor, mayor and other state and local elective offices in California and beyond. He served as Chairman of the California Energy Commission from 1975 through 1979.  From 1980 to 1985, Dr. Maullin was President and Chief Executive Officer of MCR Geothermal Corporation.  Dr. Maullin was also a member of the Social Science Research Staff at the RAND Corporation from 1965 through 1971, specializing in Latin American politics and economics.

In addition to membership in various professional organizations, he served on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Regional Hillel Council. He also has taught international relations at UCLA and is the current President of the Friends of the Vilnius Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University in Lithuania

Richard is survived by his wife and two daughters. A funeral service and burial was held on Monday, March 11th.