Leaks, Mysteries, and Conspiracy Theories Follow SF Public Defender’s Death

The sudden death of San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi has taken a strange turn.

As City News reported last week, Adachi died Feb. 22 from an apparent heart attack. But newly leaked documents have raised questions about the circumstances surrounding his demise.

According to a confidential report, San Francisco police have “suspicions” about the case and are looking into “the whereabouts of a woman he was with” at the time.

The leaked document also contains tawdry details about alcohol, cannabis, and syringes found at the scene.

The questions have sparked endless speculation and conspiracy theories, as laid out in the San Francisco Chronicle here

San Francisco supervisors aren’t happy. They’ve called for a hearing to discuss the leaks, which presumably came from inside the SFPD.

“It seems to be without precedent that this was leaked to the press,” Supervisor Aaron Peskin told the San Francisco Examiner. “The fact that Jeff Adachi stood up to aspects of Police Department behavior that were unacceptable does not mean that he should be mistreated after his passing.”

Supervisor Sandra Fewer said she was “outraged,” as critics continue to question whether the report was released as retaliation for Adachi’s history of criticizing the SFPD.

The police department says it has opened an investigation into the leaks. An investigation into Adachi’s death is also ongoing. So far, police say they have found no evidence of foul play.