SF Fire Station Forced to Give Up Its Cat

Employees of San Francisco Fire Station 49 have been forced to get rid of their trusty feline sidekick Edna after someone filed an anonymous complaint.

The gorgeous calico first showed up as a stray at Station 49’s ambulance deployment facility four years ago. Over time, she developed a relationship with the EMTs and firefighters there.

“We slowly started to show her love and care, and she [became] our family," the employees wrote in an email to SF Gate last week. "Now she is always there, and is the most docile, loving baby.

"We take her to the vet now, give her treats and she calls our station home now," the letter continued. "As I'm sure you can imagine, our jobs are very, very stressful. A lot of us see Edna as our little stress unit.”

But someone wasn’t too pleased with Edna’s presence and they filed a complaint with the city. Management gave them until Monday to get rid of their furry friend. The employees have since confirmed her removal from the premises. No one adopted Edna and the family taking care of her temporarily has two dogs, so they say the situation is far from ideal.

Station 49 tried to spread awareness about Edna’s plight for months in the hopes of getting management to change its mind. A hashtag campaign #ednastays had been taking off on Instagram.

Alas, Edna was not given up without a fight.