Rent Hikers in Glendale May Have to Pay Tenants Relocation Fees

Landlords who plan to raise rents more than 7% percent in the City of Glendale will now be on the hook for their renters’ relocation costs under a new ordinance passed last week. Additionally, they’ll have to offer tenants 12-month leases from now on in an effort to ensure a little more stability for lesees in the rent-heavy L.A. County city.

Nearly two-thirds of Glendale residents are renters, according to Curbed LA. By requiring most landlords to foot their moving bills, the Council hopes to discourage steep rent hikes — or at least provide a cushion for those forced to move when they do occur.

The ordinance was approved less than three months after the City Council adopted a temporary freeze on rent hikes above 5%. It was criticized by landlords as too onerous and slammed by renter advocates as not going far enough.

Landlords of buildings built after 1995 will be exempt from the requirement to provide relocation fees. They must still offer 12-month leases, however.