L.A. Formally Declares Itself a Sanctuary City

While it has long been known as one of the most accepting cities for undocumented immigrants, it wasn’t until Friday that Los Angeles joined scores of other jurisdictions in formally declaring itself a sanctuary city.

The largely symbolic resolution, introduced by Councilman Gil Cedillo, passed on a 12-0 vote. It reaffirms the city’s existing policies that prohibit use of local funds to enforce U.S. immigration law, bar police from detaining people based solely on their immigration status, and flout U.S. Immigration detainer requests that are not issued by a judge.

In other words, the resolution doesn’t change anything. But it does put the city on record.

“For generations, Los Angeles has been a city of opportunity that welcomes those who want to come here and work hard to improve their quality of life,” Cedillo said in a statement. “Our ‘City of Sanctuary’ declaration and new civil and human rights ordinance ensures that will be the case for generations to come.”

Los Angeles, which is home to an estimated 1.5 million undocumented immigrants, now joins more than a dozen other declared sanctuaries in L.A. County, including Culver City, Malibu, and West Hollywood.

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