Union City Police Chief Resigns

Union City Police Chief Darryl McAllister will step down Friday after five years on the job.

It is not clear what prompted McAllister’s resignation, but the chief has been embroiled in family issues of a very public nature. Last fall, his son Tyrone McAllister was implicated in a brutal attack on a 71-year-old Sikh man in Manteca. Tyrone McAllister pleaded guilty to one felony charge of attempted robbery Dec. 6 — the same day of his father’s resignation announcement — and was sentenced to one year in county jail on Dec. 11.

Chief McAllister was extremely apologetic and proactive from the moment he found out his son was responsible for the attack. In a heartbreaking letter to the public, he said he and his wife were disgusted, dejected, and humiliated by the news.

"Despite having the desire any parent would have in wanting to protect their child, my oath is (and always will be) to the law and my vow of integrity guides me through this horrendous difficulty," the chief wrote.

As City News reported at the time, the chief cooperated early on and fully with the investigation.  

McAllister has been the head of Union City’s police department since 2013 and previously worked for the Hayward Police Department.



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