San Dimas Inks Contract With New City Manager

The San Dimas City Council has wasted no time choosing a replacement for outgoing City Manager Blaine Michaelis. City leaders approved a four-year contract with Assistant City Manager Ken Duran last week, five months before Michaelis is scheduled to depart.

Duran has served in the number two administrator’s role for the past 26 years. Michaelis has been with the city for nearly four decades and assumed the city manager’s post in January of 2000.

The early selection is aimed at ensuring a smooth transition, Michaelis said.

Duran will earn a salary of $19,490 a month, plus $1,345 a month for health insurance and $400 a month for a car allowance. This is consistent with Michaelis’ current pay. He’ll receive an evaluation after six months of work and has an opportunity to renew his contract for an additional two years.

Duran’s promotion came on the same day that the City Council appointed Jeff Malawy as interim city attorney.

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