Sand City is Looking for a New Top Administrator

Monterey County’s smallest city is on the lookout for a new top administrator following the Sept. 28 resignation of Sand City Manager Todd Bodem. Mayor Mary Ann Carbone confirmed Bodem’s resignation and described his four-year tenure as a success that saw a number of important projects such as the Eco Resort and a new Vibrancy Plan.

Bodem’s successor should be keenly familiar with the California Environmental Quality Act, the California Coastal Act, and land use law, said former City Manager and current UC Monterey Bay Education, Science and Technology Center Planning Director Steve Matarazzo. He noted that management of such a small city, which lies mostly within the Coastal Zone, poses unique challenges.

The next city manager will oversee a budget that was $7,794,270 for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. In 2016, Sand City’s manager earned pay and benefits totaling $184,268.

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