Malibu Council Votes to Ban Balloons

Move over plastic bags, straws, and all other non-organic, non-purely biodegradable products you can think of. In Malibu, the new bugaboo is balloons.

In a 3 to 1 vote Monday, Oct. 8, the Malibu City Council chose to move forward with a ban on the sale and distribution of all balloons in the city.

There has got to be a Banksy joke somewhere in here.

Supporters of the ordinance — including council members Rick Mullen, Skylar Peak, and Jefferson Wager — cited environmental concerns. Laura Rosenthal voted no, calling it “maybe too much of a reach.” Councilmember Lou La Monte abstained.

USA Today called this trend back in August

Latex balloons, typically synonymous with festive occasions such as birthday parties and graduations, have landed in the cross hairs of the environmental movement because of their potential to harm wildlife…

The success in recent years of campaigns to ban or discourage the use of plastic bags and straws raises the question of whether the once-seemingly innocuous balloons may join the list of verboten articles.

In Malibu at least, the answer is yes.

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