Lancaster City Manager Announces Retirement

Lancaster’s city manager has announced his retirement after 10 years on the job. Mark V. Bozigian said he will step down at the end of the year.

Bozigian’s work for the city predates his tenure as city manager. Before his appointment in 2008, Bozigian served as assistant city manager, redevelopment director, assistant to the city manager and transportation programs coordinator. He also previously served as Director of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Long Range Financial Planning Section. In all, he has served more than 23 years with the Antelope Valley city and over 26 years in public service.

Mayor R. Rex Parris offered the highest praise for Bozigian’s performance as the top administrator of his city. When Bozigian first took over, Lancaster was in a difficult spot. “In contrast, the last 10 years under Mark’s leadership have truly been the most profound when it comes to the development of our city as a whole,” he said, noting a number of revitalization efforts and revival of the city’s downtown area.

Bozigian has issued the following statement on his departure:

After almost 24 years with the City of Lancaster, I have submitted my intent to retire by the end of this year. I am blessed and humbled to work with a Mayor and Council who provide strong and effective leadership every single day. I am equally blessed with the privilege of working with a wonderfully talented and committed City staff, serving my hometown.

As City Manager over the last eleven years, I am particularly proud to have supported Mayor Parris and the City Council in serving our residents and businesses through numerous programs and projects, notably the BLVD downtown renovation and significant business attraction efforts. A particular point of pride is having supported Mayor Parris and the City Council in restoring a sense of innovation, spirit, and in positioning Lancaster as a “City of Firsts” all while shepherding the City through the Great Recession.

Serving Lancaster as City Manager has been by far the most purposeful and rewarding experience of my professional career and one of the great blessings of my life. At least for me, being an effective City Manager requires a 24/7 commitment and deferring many other personal and professional pursuits. I look forward to the future with a sense of anticipation towards new professional opportunities and renewed life balance for both my family and myself.

While I will greatly miss the people and friends I work with daily in serving our community, and being a part of the amazing advancements Lancaster will see over the next 5 years and beyond, I am secure in the knowledge that we are positioned very well for the future with great Council and City staff leadership. I will most certainly still be around, as my wife, Karen, and I plan to live and remain active in the Antelope Valley.