City Manager Says Rampant NIMBYism Led Him to Resign

Lafayette’s city manager has resigned from his position saying he can no longer stand by while NIMBYism destroys opportunities for environmental progress and affordable housing in his city.

Steven Falk issued a cutting resignation letter last week. In it, he blamed opposition to multifamily housing at the Bay Area Rapid Transit station and the rejection of other development-related measures for the end of his 28-year career in Lafayette, which included 22 years as city manager.

"All cities—even small ones—have a responsibility to address the most significant challenges of our time: climate change, income inequality, and housing affordability,” Falk wrote. “I believe that adding multifamily housing at the BART station is the best way for Lafayette to do its part, and it has therefore become increasingly difficult for me to support, advocate for, or implement policies that would thwart transit density. My conscience won’t allow it.”

“Lafayette residents deserve a city manager who is better aligned with their priorities,” he added.

Falk represents a growing chorus of city planners and other public officials who have expressed frustration with community efforts to thwart transit density projects in spite of the pressing need for affordable housing and greener development.

Read Falk’s entire resignation letter here