Menlo Park’s City Manager is Leaving for Ventura

Menlo Park City Manager Alex McIntyre plans to step down from the job he has held for the past six years, having accepted the same position in the City of Ventura.

McIntyre’s announcement comes at a key juncture for Menlo Park. The city council was recently forced to place a minimum wage increase on hold due to the departure of its entire housing and economic development staff.

Mayor Peter I. Ohtaki said McIntyre “can feel proud about the changing landscape of the city,” which he said is in “a better place than when he came aboard.” Ohtaki cited the 1.1 million-square-foot expansion of Facebook and successful negotiations for the city’s benefit package with Stanford and Greenheart developments among McIntyre’s accomplishments.

The city manager’s tenure was not without controversy, however. His unilateral hiring of a PR firm to promote the failed Measure M initiative left some council members displeased back in 2014.

The search for an interim replacement is now a top priority. Former Mayor Paul Collacchi has suggested the city hire former top administrator David Boesch, but it isn’t clear whether he would be interested or available for the job.

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