Los Angeles Moves to Ban Fur

Los Angeles will become the largest U.S. city to ban the manufacturing and sale of fur apparel under impending legislation.

On Tuesday, City Council members voted 12-0 to direct the city attorney to craft a new anti-fur ordinance, following in the footsteps of West Hollywood, San Francisco, and Berkeley.

This is a striking move for the epicenter of Hollywood and West Coast fashion. Los Angeles is home to one of the largest garment districts in the world, not to mention countless pelt-loving celebrities.

Fur industry officials have said they’re being unfairly targeted and that their practices have been wrongly maligned. Supporters of the law say fur-wearing is cruel, unnecessary, and archaic.

Once a draft ordinance is forthcoming, it will have to pass a final vote of the City Council before the mayor signs it into law. It is expected to contain a phase-in clause, allowing businesses until 2020 to sell off existing merchandise.