Victorville Councilwoman Arrested at Hesperia City Hall

It’s not everyday that a city councilwoman is arrested at a nearby town’s City Hall. And it’s not everyday that said councilwoman broadcasts the entire ordeal on Facebook Live. But that’s exactly what happened last week when Victorville's Blanca Gomez arrived in Hesperia to help two candidates file a run for the city council. After refusing to leave an area of City Hall that was closed to the public, she was handcuffed and cited for trespassing and resisting arrest

“I’m saddened that a fellow Council member and elected official, who does not live in Hesperia, would come to City Hall and create a hostile situation for the hard working staff,” said Hesperia's mayor Bill Holland. “It’s evident by the Facebook video that she came with the intention of causing a disturbance and creating a publicity stunt.”

That video shows San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Nils Bentsen trying to question Gomez, who refuses to respond. He warns her that he will have to “take action” if she does not cooperate.

Sheriff’s officials say Gomez had been asked repeatedly to leave the area that was closed off to the public, but refused to do so.

“The deputy told Gomez she was being arrested for trespassing,” sheriff’s officials said. “Gomez refused to comply with the deputy’s directives and resisted being handcuffed. Gomez was eventually handcuffed, and no injuries were sustained to her or the deputy.”

This isn’t the first bizarre stunt Gomez has pulled, nor even the first to be broadcast on social media. Gomez was excoriated for posting an open-casket viewing of the late Mayor Russ Blewett on Facebook Live in June. The outrage ignited a recall effort against her which is currently underway.

A word of advice to Councilwoman Gomez: stay off of social media.

Photo Source: City of Hesperia