California City Approves Crucial Parcel Tax

Voters in California City have approved a parcel tax measure that city officials said was necessary to avert a financial and public safety disaster.

Results from the July 31 special election show Measure C winning with nearly 80 percent of votes cast. The new tax could raise as much as $8.2 million in annual revenue over the next six years.

This was the city’s third attempt to get voters to approve the tax. Had Measure C failed, officials warned there would be major hits to public safety and that dozens of city jobs would need to be eliminated. Disincorporation was even mentioned as an ultimate possibility.

“I’m really proud of the citizens of California City for pulling through and getting behind this very critical election,” said Mayor Jennifer Wood.

“California City is like a phoenix rising,” Wood added. “We want to do good things. We plan on doing good things. We are going to take a good look at ourselves to evaluate what our true needs are in the city. We definitely are going to do it right.”

The new parcel levy will replace an existing city tax which is expiring this year. The new rate is 50 cents per day per parcel or $182 per parcel. Previously, the per-parcel tax was capped at $150.