Banning Names New City Manager

The City of Banning has selected a new city manager. This time, officials have tapped an outsider from the state of Washington. This time, they hope the appointment sticks.

“He promises no surprises,” said Mayor George Moyer of the city’s pick, Doug Schulze. That’s important for a city that has gone through seven chief administrators in the past four years

Schulze currently serves as city manager of Bainbridge Island, Washington. He previously managed Normandy Park and Medina. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in public administration and a Master’s degree in urban and regional studies from Minnesota State University.

Perhaps most importantly, Schulze says he’s aware of the struggles Banning has faced in retaining good leadership, and Mayor Moyer believes Schulze can help boost morale.

His appointment is not yet official. The city council will meet again to discuss contract conditions on Sept. 10. If his contract is approved, Schulze will take over on Oct. 8.



Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 18:41

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