Dixon’s Vice Mayor to Keep His Title

The public outrage over a homophobic column written by Dixon’s vice mayor Ted Hickman appears to have done little to sway members of the city council. Despite protests that drew hundreds, condemnations from LGBT groups, and threats of legal action, the council voted Tuesday to allow Hickman to retain his title as Vice Mayor of the Solano County city.

City leaders said Hickman was still entitled to exercise his first amendment rights and that those rights didn’t cease when he was elected to the city council.

Hickman’s op-ed, which was published on in the Independent Voice and on Hickman’s website, declared July Straight Pride Month and referred to homosexual men as fairies “with an inferiority complex.” 



Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 18:41

In 2017, the California State Legislature took sanctuary policies statewide with the passage of SB 54, or the California Values Act, which limits cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.