CFO Gary J. Lysik Named Calabasas City Manager

The City of Calabasas has selected Chief Financial Officer Dr. Gary J. Lysik as its next top executive. Lysik will replace retiring city manager Tony Coroalles pending final approval of his contract, which is scheduled for Aug. 8.

“I am very pleased that the City Council has selected Dr. Lysik to become our new City Manager,” said Mayor Fred Gaines in a press release. “His wealth of experience, knowledge, and deep commitment to our City and its residents will make him a tremendous asset to Calabasas in his new position.”

Lysik said he was “thrilled” to accept the new position.

For the past 15 years, Lysik has overseen all aspects of the city’s finances as CFO. He previously served as Director of Finance for the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. His resume also includes work as Vice-President of Finance at Reinstatement Services, Inc. and as Director of Financial Systems for Edison Security.

Lysik is recognized for his ability to raise business and municipal cultures to be successful organizations by crossbreeding previously homogenized public and private sector tools and applications with emerging digital trends. A highly flexible leader, Lysik’s ability to consistently deliver tangibles is directly tied to his keen adaptive skills and strategic awareness of the ever-shifting priorities in municipal governance.

Lysik holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, an MBA in Business Management, and a Doctorate in Educational Technology.



Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 17:31

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