San Francisco Subpoenas Lyft, Uber Over Worker Status

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera issued subpoenas to rideshare companies Uber and Lyft last Tuesday, demanding records on the number of drivers they have, whether they are classified and contractors or employees, and information on their wages, hours, and benefits.

The move comes on the heels of a monumental California Supreme Court decision pertaining to classification of independent contractors vs. employees. That ruling, discussed here, could have major implications for rideshare companies and the so-called “gig economy” as a whole.

“In light of the California Supreme Court’s decision that companies must affirmatively prove a worker is an ‘independent contractor’ before denying that person the wages and benefits guaranteed to California employees, Herrera seeks proof that Uber and Lyft have lawfully classified drivers as independent contractors or provide their drivers with minimum wage, sick leave, health care contributions, and paid parental leave,” according to a press release from Herrera’s office.

Read more about the subpoenas here


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