Palm Springs Honored for LGBTQ Status

The Palm Springs City Council was honored on the floors of the state Assembly and state Senate Monday, seven months after becoming the nation’s first all-LGBTQ governing body.

The ceremony was held by the Legislative LGBTQ Caucus chaired by Assemblyman Evan Low, D-San Jose.

“As the only city council in California comprised entirely of all LGBTQ people and the first all LGBTQ city council in the United States, the Palm Springs City Council's continued civic leadership is truly creating a world that is just and equal and we are all inspired by their historic achievements from improving infrastructure to tackling housing affordability and homelessness to ensure that Palm Springs remains a world class city,'' a statement from the Caucus reads.

After accepting the accolades, Palm Springs officials got down to city business in the nation’s capital. They spoke with lawmakers about securing funding for a number of important programs and held a meeting with state Controller Betty Yee to discuss pension reform.


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