Napa Hires New Chief of Police

Napa has chosen a 27-year veteran of Nevada law enforcement to replace retiring Chief of Police Steve Potter.

Capt. Robert Plummer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been named to the post, according to City Manager Mike Parness. He will formally take over on July 28 pending a routine background check.

Plummer was born in California but grew up in Las Vegas. He attended the University of Oklahoma where he received a bachelor’s degree in administrative leadership. He has been with the LVMPD since 1987.

“He’s done everything from running special events, which in Vegas is huge, for crowds up to 250,000 (to) being a commander of a (police) district where captain effectively functions as a chief over 19 square miles and 140,000 people in some of more demanding regions of Las Vegas,” said Parness. “It’s like running a city and he’s been very successful at it. He’s worked on drugs, sex crimes, all the things that go on in the community.”

Plummer currently heads the department’s sex crimes and homicide division in Las Vegas. He will be Napa’s first African American chief of police.