Brand Unveils Sale Tax Proposal Split Between Police & Parks

From GV Wire:

November’s ballot in Fresno could bring a battle of competing sales tax hikes.

Mayor Lee Brand announced his plan Monday for a half-cent sales tax, with the proceeds to be split evenly between public safety and parks. This is the second sales tax initiative proposed for the fall. The Fresno for Parks group is collecting signatures for a 3/8ths of a cent sales tax dedicated to parks.

The Fresno City Council is scheduled to vote Thursday (June 28) on whether to put Brand’s plan on the ballot. Passage requires two-thirds of the council voting in favor — meaning five of the seven members. Councilmen Steve Brandau and Clint Olivier said that they are not inclined to support any tax measures. A third conservative-leaning councilmember, Garry Bredefeld, said he will not support Brand’s proposal.

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UPDATE: Mayor Brand has abruptly dropped the tax plan citing lack of support