Santa Clarita Joins the SB 54 Revolt

Santa Clarita became the first city in Los Angeles County to formally oppose the state’s sanctuary law on Wednesday. The city will also file a legal brief in support of the Trump administration’s lawsuit.

Wednesday’s vote was 5-0. The item was initiated by Councilman Bob Kellar. He has said SB 54 violates the law, places the public at risk, and costs the state “billions of dollars.”

As usual, the mood inside and outside of council chambers was tense. Some 200 people signed up to speak. Both sides rallied with signs and chants outside.

Santa Clarita now joins more than a dozen municipalities voicing opposition to SB 54. But it is the first in L.A. County to do so. San Dimas, also in Los Angeles County, rejected a resolution formally opposing SB 54 last month.