Adelanto Officials Address FBI Raids

Adelanto Mayor Rich Kerr wasted no time addressing a series of FBI raids during the city council’s regularly scheduled meeting last week.

“For the record, before we move forward this evening, the events yesterday were indeed daunting,” Kerr stated at the outset of the discussion, adding that the ordeal was “a very disturbing and frightening experience” for him and his family.

Mayor Kerr’s home was one of the locations served with search warrants last Tuesday. Kerr was even handcuffed and detained for a period of time. Offices at City Hall, the Jet Room marijuana dispensary, and the offices of Jet Room’s attorney Philip E. Rios were also targeted by investigators.

Kerr would not speak about the specifics of the raids, saying only that the city has always tried to look out for the best interests of its residents. The raids appeared to be “orchestrated,” he added.

“When this Council set course to reverse the negative economic conditions created by the city’s previous administrations and councils, we were aware of the opposition that could ultimately face us — face our efforts,” he said. “We must not be deterred from the path that we have created in reversing the economics of the city of Adelanto. We are moving forward. We will never ever go backwards.”

Members of the city council also tried to exude an air of leadership among the chaos.

“We are going to stay positive,” said Councilman Ed Camargo. “We’re going to keep focus on moving forward.”

Councilman John Woodward Jr. similarly assured the public that the city was “in good hands.” Councilman Charley Glasper said he stood behind the mayor “100 percent.”

Last week’s actions by the FBI, IRS and San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office signal a widening investigation into alleged corruption centering around the city's marijuana industry.

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