Rancho Mirage City Manager to Retire

Rancho Mirage City Manager Randy Bynder will step down next month after more than three decades with the city. Bynder has announced his retirement, effective May 18. It’s a plan he’s been mulling since at least February.

Bynder’s career with the city stretches all the way back to 1986, on the Monday morning after his graduation from UCLA, when he was hired as an assistant planner for Rancho Mirage. He worked his way up, later becoming a senior planner, planning manager, and Community Development Director. In 2012, he was tapped for the city manager position, replacing former chief executive Pat Pratt.

Bynder has a whole host of achievements under his belt, including the approval of the original Ritz-Carlton in 1989 and the Leeds Hotel (now the Westin) in 1990. He also oversaw revamping of the city’s General Plan in both 1995 and 2005.

It’s a record to be proud of.

“I leave the City knowing I have assembled the most talented and competent staff team in the Coachella Valley, who have all contributed to assisting the City Council with making the City of Rancho Mirage one of the best-run cities in the state," said Bynder.



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