Foster City Public Works Director Promoted to City Manager’s Job

Foster City Public Works Director Jeff Moneda will replace City Manager Kevin Miller when he retires July 1. An employment agreement between Moneda and the city will be reviewed during a regular meeting of the city council on May 7.

“Jeff has a demonstrated ability to work with the team and community,” said Mayor Sam Hindi. “He’s very responsive to the community and the community has been extremely happy with the way he works with them. And most importantly, he has the experience and skill set to lead this team to the future.”

Moneda said the pleasure to serve is all his, calling Foster City “the most well-run city” that he’s ever worked for.

Moneda joined Foster City four years ago. He had previously served the Public Works departments of Chula Vista, La Palma and Milpitas. Before entering the public sector, he spent three years at a geotechnical engineering firm. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from San Diego State University.

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