D.C. Councilman’s Visit to Holocaust Museum Backfires

A Washington, D.C. councilman’s efforts to redeem himself for a series of bizarre, anti-Semitic comments fell flat last week during a conciliatory trip to the Holocaust Museum. Now, colleagues on the City Council are calling for him to be censured.

Trayon White’s visit to the museum was an effort to atone for remarks in which he suggested Jews control the weather and global finance. But instead of mitigating the controversy, White drew even more attention to himself with the visit, thanks to more odd commentary and his decision to leave the tour early.

During the exhibit, White reportedly referred to the Warsaw Ghetto as a “gated community” and suggested that Nazis parading a humiliated girl down the street in a photograph may have actually been “protecting” her. Halfway through the tour he left, stating he had another event to attend.

To compound matters, the Washington Post has reported that White donated $500 of the city’s Constituent Services Fund to a Nation of Islam event in which anti-Semitic comments were made. For many of his fellow councilmembers, that was the last straw.

"With today's revelations, I believe we have crossed a threshold," said D.C. Councilmember Brianne Nadeau. "I believe the Council should censure Councilmember T. White for his misuse of funds in support of Anti-Semitism and homophobia. This is just the latest episode that underscores the historic problems with Constituent Services Funds being used for things that undermine the public trust. That is why I believe the Council should censure Mr. T. White."

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