Supporters Say It’s a ‘Green Light’ For Fresno Parks Sales Tax in November

From GV Wire:

Polling conducted by The Trust For Public Land shows “overwhelming support” for a sales tax aimed at improving and expanding the city of Fresno’s park system, a California representative of the national nonprofit told GV Wire on Monday.

“There’s always a lot of work to be done before election day,” said Mary Creasman, the nonprofit trust’s California director of government affairs. “But from what we have seen in 2016 polling and again in late 2017 polling, it’s a bright green light, with bipartisan support, for a sales tax to support Fresno’s parks.

“California is one of the toughest places to pass these types of efforts because of the two-thirds approval requirement, but the polls show Fresno with that kind of support. And that support grows with (voter) education. It’s a very strong poll.”

Still to be decided, Creasman said, is whether to ask voters for a quarter- or half-cent sales tax hike.

Last month, the Fresno City Council approved a new Fresno Parks Master Plan. That report observed that “Fresno’s park and open space system is dominated by parks in poor condition that suffer from lack of investment, lack of adequate maintenance, and public safety concerns due to inappropriate activities.”

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