Sacramento Named California's Most Underrated City

No visit to California would be complete without a trip to the ocean, a day at Disneyland, and a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. But if that’s all vacationers are seeing, they’re missing out on some of the lesser known assets this state has to offer.

Like… Sacramento?

Yes, California’s capital city is the most underrated city in the state, according to new rankings fromThrillist. Here’s what the lifestyle/foodie website had to say about Sactown:

When you’re an inland city in the state with America’s most dramatic coastline, you’re bound to get a little ignored. But Sacramento has used its geography to its advantage. First, it’s made itself one of the most bikeable cities in America, where rides along the American River run into wine country and back through the El Dorado foothills. Sacramento also embraces its role as an agricultural center, transforming from a cow town to a city where even small restaurants visit farms weekly to craft their menus from what’s in-season. The result is an underappreciated food city where farm-to-table is taken literally. It’s also a scant 90-minutes from San Francisco to the west and Lake Tahoe to the east, and under an hour to Napa and Sonoma. Sacramento may not be the California dream people imagine, but as the Bay Area prices out the masses, Sacramento is primed to grow into the state’s next great destination. -- Matt Meltze

Take that, Stephen Colbert!

Visit Thrillist’s website for a list of the most underrated cities in each state. 



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