Richmond’s City Manager Will Retire This Summer

In four months, Richmond will say goodbye to one of the most influential administrators it has ever known. Bill Lindsay, who has served as city manager for the past 13 years, is retiring July 31.

“I came to Richmond because I wanted a challenge,” he said. “Richmond certainly offered that.”

When Lindsay took the job, the city was facing a $35 million budget crisis. Mismanagement and financial hardship forced the departure of numerous department heads, the closure of libraries and fire stations, and hundreds of layoffs. Nearly one-third of the city’s workforce was cut as a result. Then came the 2008 mortgage crisis and recession. Richmond was hit especially hard by foreclosures and saw unemployment rise above 18 percent.

Lindsay is credited with balancing the budget during his first three years in office and helping Richmond weather its economic storms. He expects the city will have a surplus when he retires. Right now, he says, crime is down and unemployment is hovering at around 3.6 percent.

“Lindsay will be leaving Richmond at the top of his game, with the lowest unemployment rate in history, diminishing violent crime … a balanced budget, growing reserves and an upward trending reputation,” said Mayor Tom Butt.

Read more about Lindsay’s career at the Richmond Standard and the East Bay Times


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