Banning Police Chief, Interim CM Resigns

Banning Police Chief Alex Diaz, who has also been serving as interim city manager for the past nine months, resigned abruptly Tuesday during a closed session of the city council. It is unclear what motivated the decision.

Diaz’s role as interim city manager has ended effective immediately. He will remain police chief until April 6.

Diaz has served as the city’s police chief since 2014. He was appointed interim city manager for the second time in his career following the June departure of Michael Rock, who now manages Santa Paula.

Banning is no stranger to abrupt or unwanted departures. As the Press-Enterprise noted last year, the city has had a ‘carousel’ of administrators. Banning’s next hire will be the eighth permanent, interim, or acting city manager to serve since 2014.

Read more about Diaz’s departure here


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