State Report: Vast Majority of Cities and Counties Are Not Meeting Housing Goals

Hundreds of jurisdictions have failed to meet affordable housing goals and will now be subject to streamlining mandates under Senate Bill 35, the Department of Housing and Community Development announced last week.

Only 13 localities performed to HCD’s satisfaction and will not be subject to mandatory streamlining: Beverly Hills; Carpentaria; Corte Madera; Foster City; Hillsborough; Lemon Grove; Napa County; San Anselmo; San Fernando; San Luis Obispo; Santa Barbara County; Sonoma County; and West Hollywood.

Under SB 35, which took effect Jan. 1, all other jurisdictions will need to speed up their building approval process for certain development projects. You can read a copy of HCD’s report here and a run-down of development projects that are eligible for expedited streamlining at BusinessWire.

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