Maywood’s Acting City Manager on Paid Leave

The acting city manager of Maywood, Reuben Martinez, was placed on paid leave Friday due to stress, according to the city. The announcement came one week after a series of raids on city offices, as well as the homes and businesses of elected officials in Maywood.

Sources who spoke to the L.A. Times rejected the official explanation, saying the decision came as a result of an internal investigation involving allegations of misconduct.

The District Attorney’s office has been tight-lipped about its investigation, declining to state the motive behind this month’s raids. However, it appears to center, at least in part, around city contracts. At the first city council meeting since the search warrants were served, a councilmember said that V&M Ironworks -- one of the locations that was raided by investigators -- made $1 million in city contracts last year, compared to $400,000 the year prior.

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