Lynwood Mayor Pro Tem Accused of Sexual Harassment

Lynwood Mayor Pro Tem Edwin Hernandez will step back from his duties pending an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment. The city has announced that Hernandez will relinquish his position as mayor pro tem and be removed from all committees. He will, however, remain on the city council and participate in meetings by phone.

The city has called the claims against Hernandez “serous and troubling.” But the attorney for Hernandez’s accuser, Lisa Bloom, says Lynwood was notified about Hernandez’s unwanted sexual advances in December and again the following month.

"Nothing happened, so she came to me," Bloom said. "They already knew everything by the time she contacted me. It's really an intolerable situation."

Bloom added that her client, a 10-year employee of the city, is likely to file a lawsuit.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 05:11

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