Bruce Moe is Manhattan Beach’s New Top Administrator

Manhattan Beach has chosen a permanent replacement for ex-city manager Mark Danaj. The city has hired Bruce Moe, who has served as finance director for the past 20 years and took over the interim city manager’s job when Danaj was first placed on leave

Moe expressed gratitude for the council’s trust in him and promised to do his best to live up to the city’s expectations. Council members say he has already proven to be a deft leader whose in-depth knowledge of finances will be instrumental to his success as city manager.

“His proven integrity was paramount for us,” added Mayor Amy Howorth. “We think he is a perfect fit.”

Moe is expected to earn a base salary of $255,000 per year -- the same as his predecessor -- but with a six month severance package instead of twelve.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 05:13

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