Angels Camp Appoints Country’s First Deaf Female Mayor

Angels Camp Mayor Amanda Folendorf is an unstoppable force at the age of 31. She’s not only the youngest member of the city council, but now the first deaf female mayor in the history of the United States.

Folendorf, who was sworn into a one-year term last month, was born with a rare birth defect that required her to take medication as an infant. That medication left her hearing permanently damaged. But it also left her undaunted.

"I see it as my superpower," she signed. "I think it's a wonderful thing to use."

"Takes a lot of confidence to stand up in front of those people and say, 'Yes I can.'"

Folendorf never let the condition stop her from achieving her dreams. She entered local politics at a young age, graduated from Sacramento State, and won election to the Angels Camp City Council in 2014. In 2007, she was even crowned Miss Deaf California, an experience which gave her a new sense of confidence.

Folendorf has a team of interpreters who assist her at city meetings. They’ll be by her side as she tries hammering out her goals for the city over the next year. These include growing the economy and preserving the city’s history.

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