Santa Ana River Homeless Camps To Be Dismantled by Month’s End

Hundreds of homeless men and women camped along the Santa Ana Riverbed in Anaheim have been told to leave.

Orange County Sheriff’s officials will begin dismantling the encampments on Jan. 22. The area will remain closed for three months while crews work to clean the area and prepare it for infrastructure projects.

"The goal is to get people out of there and restore it to a flood control channel," said Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Carrie Braun.

The City of Anaheim declared a state of emergency on homelessness earlier this year in part because of the problems surrounding the large encampment near Angels Stadium.

This is a countywide problem. Neighboring Santa Ana has also been clamping down on homeless encampments near its Civic Center after new restrictions passed by the city council in October. Those rules prohibit upright structures, furniture, showers, and more.


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