Rash of Sting Ray Attacks Prompts Warnings in Huntington Beach

Move over, great whites. There’s new marine life menacing swimmers in Orange County waters.

An estimated 392 people were injured by stingrays in just a week’s time along the Huntington Beach shoreline last month, authorities say. On Friday alone, 73 people were stung.

Huntington Beach lifeguards are now warning swimmers to make their presence known when getting into the water with something known as the “stingray shuffle” -- dragging one’s feet across the sand to send any resting rays scurrying.

Meanwhile, researchers are trying to determine what has drawn so many of these barbed creatures to the area. Warmer waters is just one of the theories

Huntington Beach lifeguards say the rise in stingray injuries began around the Thanksgiving holiday and increased through the month of December.



Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 05:22

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