Opening Salvo: Gov. Brown Proposes 2018-2019 Budget

California Gov. Jerry Brown proposed the 16th and final budget of his career Wednesday, kicking off months of negotiations with state lawmakers.

Bolstered by a projected $6.1 billion surplus and $643 million in expected marijuana tax revenue, Brown proposed $132 billion in spending on schools and roads.

Brown, however, said he’s under no illusions when it comes to the state’s economic future. Fearing an imminent downturn, he wants to see $5 billion set aside for the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

“It’s not exciting, it’s not funding good and nice things, but it’s getting ready and that is the work of a budget,” Brown said.

“The next governor is going to be on the cliff. What’s out there is darkness, uncertainty, decline and recession — so good luck, baby.”

Here are some of the highlights from Brown’s spending plan:

• A $570 million increase for community colleges, a 3 percent funding increase for the University of California and California State universities, and more than $100 million towards the state’s first online-only community college for adults.

• $18.7 billion for transportation programs and improvements (increase of 3 percent).

• $2.7 billion, compared to last year’s $1.6 billion, for cities and towns for local street and road repairs.

• $59 million in special funds and bonds.

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