Claremont Hires Tara Schultz as City Manager

A new city manager will join Claremont next month.

City council members have approved a contract for Alhambra’s assistant city manager Tara Schultz who’s slated to take over Feb. 5. She will earn a base salary of $314,000 per year.

Schultz was one of two finalists to emerge from the months-long recruitment search led by retiring city manager Tony Ramos.

“Ms. Schultz impressed the interview panelists with her experience, professionalism and passion for the Claremont community,” Ramos said.

Schultz earned a bachelor’s degree in recreational administration from Cal State Northridge and a master’s in public administration. She began her career in public service as an intern for Sierra Madre. She has worked for the City of Alhambra since 1999.

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