Philadelphia Man Shocked to Learn He Won an Election Last Month

Buy the lottery ticket. Enter that raffle. Throw your name in for a local seat.

After all, anything’s possible.

A Philadelphia resident was shocked to receive a letter Friday saying they won an election earlier in the month — apparently because no one else cast a vote.

"I literally yelled 'what the hell' when I opened the letter," Phillip Garcia told The Hill. "I've written my name in a few times during elections when no one else is listed for a position. It's just been a thing I do, with no expectation of, like, actually making an impact on the vote."

Garcia, editor-at-large of The Rumpus and a Temple University Ph.D. candidate, tweeted Friday that the city had informed them of being elected as an election judge to serve on a board for Ward 21, Division 10 of the city, which covers parts of the Manayunk neighborhood.

"They say that one vote doesn't matter, but I literally wrote in my own name and won an election because I guess no-one else ran/voted for this position," Garcia tweeted Friday.

Garcia has received the news with both seriousness and humor. This is a great opportunity to get more involved in the community, he said. And Garcia also has a background in community organizing that could come in handy for the job. On the other hand, he’s still having fun with the bizarre news.

He tweeted this Friday:



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