Meet Preet Didbal of Yuba City, America’s First Female Sikh Mayor

In a national first, Yuba City will swear in a Sikh woman as mayor at a ceremony today. Preet Didbal was appointed to the seat by the city council and joins a growing list of local government officials across the country who belong to the 500-year-old religion.

“I'm speechless. I honestly am. It's so humbling,” Didbal told KCRA. “You talk about the American Dream. And here we are. My parents worked the fields, were labor workers -- did the peaches, the prunes. I worked alongside with them -- I have three sisters -- and we all did. We worked in canneries, graveyard shifts. My parents worked very, very hard to give us the life that we have today. They traveled from India in 1968 and my dad made a statement. He said, ‘We travel to America to give our unborn a good life.’”

Didbal was first elected to the Yuba City Council in 2014 and went on to serve as the city’s vice mayor. Yuba is home to one of the largest Sikh communities in the country.

Read Didbal’s entire interview with KCRA here, in which she discusses family, her city, and how she decided to get into politics.


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