Here's Why Sacramento Residents Are Ticked Off at Stephen Colbert

Residents of Sacramento, California are enjoying some heightened publicity thanks to Lady Bird, a film critics are calling one of the best of the year. But they’re catching some snark too. And as proud Sacramentans, they aren’t taking it lying down.

Lady Bird is a coming-of-age comedy-drama set in Sacramento, California. It stars Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan, who was recently interviewed by Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

The Q&A went south when Ronan began talking about the intricacies of the Sacramento-area accent.

“…the Sacramento accent, I never realized before, and I don’t know if you --“

“I’ve been to Sacramento before,” Colbert interjects. “I’m aware of how boring it is.”

“Sacramento’s a beautiful place,” Ronan counters, sounding annoyed.

Sure, says Colbert, “but there’s not a lot to do.”

Redditors went wild, listing off Sacramento’s many wonderful attributes and slamming Colbert as ‘a typical East Coast elitist’. (He was also called other names we can’t repeat.)

Clearly, the comments were in jest. But next time, Colbert might think twice before dissing an awesome city on national TV.

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