Chico is California’s ‘Drunkest’ City

24/7 Wall St. is out with its annual list of the ‘drunkest’ cities in every state. The factors used to determine these rankings are actually pretty disheartening.

24/7 Wall St. looks at CDC data on binge drinking, plus the number of alcohol-related car wrecks to determine which cities in every U.S. state imbibe the most.

For California, the year’s designation goes to Chico.

The study found 21% of adults in Chico are heavy drinkers (the state average is 18%). A troubling 24% of driving deaths in the city were alcohol-related.

America’s drunkest city is Green Bay, Wisconsin. About 26.5 percent of Green Bay adults drink excessively.

Alcohol does go well with football… and cheese.

See a list of drunkest cities in each state here



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