WalletHub Ranks Best and Worst Cities for Veterans

This Saturday is Veterans Day. And in honor of the holiday, WalletHub has turned its attention to those who have served our country so valiantly and selflessly.

The credit score site, known for its superb ranking skills, just put out its list of the best and worst cities for veterans in 2017.

“Veterans often face a host of challenges when re-entering civilian life,” notes WalletHub. “Despite Uncle Sam’s promises to provide health care as well as housing, employment and educational assistance upon their return from service, many are denied disability benefits while others cannot secure jobs or shelter.”

To see how America’s cities are measuring up when it comes to caring for our heroes, WalletHub examined 17 key indicators across the 100 largest cities in the U.S. These include jobs for people with a history of military service, affordability, opportunities for income growth and, of course, availability of VA health facilities.

Here is what WalletHub found.

The 10 Best Places for Veterans to Live

1 Austin, TX

2 Colorado Springs, CO

3 Virginia Beach, VA

4 Raleigh, NC

5 Plano, TX

6 Tampa, FL

7 Fremont, CA

8 Seattle, WA

9 San Diego, CA

10 Boise, ID

Sacramento came in at No. 20 and Irvine at No. 25.

The 10 Worst Places for Veterans to Live

90 Atlanta, GA

91 Cleveland, OH

92 San Bernardino, CA

93 Toledo, OH

94 North Las Vegas, NV

95 Birmingham, AL

96 Memphis, TN

97 Hialeah, FL

98 Baltimore, MD

99 Newark, NJ

100 Detroit, MI

See the full list and methodology here.

Data is compiled and reported by WalletHub. Report does not reflect statistics on all U.S. or California cities.


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