Update: Presidio Terrace Residents Get Their Street Back

There’s a major update in one of the weirdest local stories of the summer. As the San Francisco Examiner reports, a group of wealthy homeowners in the pricey San Francisco neighborhood of Presidio Terrace are getting their private street back two years after it was sold to a couple for just over $90,000.

Supervisors voted to rescind the sale Tuesday by a 7-4 vote. They were facing a lawsuit from the homeowners association, which said the city's tax and treasurer's office never properly notified the residents of the sale, nor of the decades worth of small, unpaid property taxes they owed.

As it turns out, the city had been sending notices to the wrong address for years. Residents were shocked when they found out their street, where homes easily sell for upwards of $5 million, had been auctioned off for the price of a luxury car.

You can read City News' original article on the Presidio Terrace debacle here


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