Lompoc City Manager Leaving for Santa Maria

Lompoc City Manager Patrick Wiemiller is headed to Santa Maria to assume the assistant city manager’s job. He’ll start in about 90 days, according to statements released by both cities on Nov. 9.

Wiemiller has served as Lompoc’s top executive since 2013, but the past year has been particularly rough. The city has been steeped in tense budget deliberations and Wiemiller has seen his job performance the subject of review three times. But he insists that’s not why he’s leaving.

“Really, this is more about the positive side and an opportunity that’s available in Santa Maria. Because of the change in leadership there, this is the time that the opportunity became open and after careful review and consideration and prayer, I decided to accept that offer,” he said.

Mayor Bob Lingl expressed sorrow.

“He put in a wonderful four years here and he accomplished a lot,” said the mayor. “It’s a sad day for me, personally, and an even sadder day for the city of Lompoc.”


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