Is L.A. Fudging Its Crime Statistics? Shocking Allegations Rock LAPD.

“Damn lies.”

Those are the words Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck used Tuesday to describe recent allegations made by a police captain out of L.A.’s Van Nuys station.

Capt. Lillian Carranza filed a legal claim last week, accusing the LAPD of a "highly complex and elaborate coverup" to conceal the declining status of public safety in L.A.

"We have absolute proof that the department has and continues to present false crime statistics to the Department of Justice,” said Carranza’s attorney Greg Smith. Comments Chief Beck has made about his client are "false, malicious and slanderous,” he added.

The Daily News has more on the allegations made by Capt. Carranza. She says she discovered glaring errors in categorizing some violent crimes while auditing a number of stations.

Beck scoffed at the idea.

"If I'm cooking the books, I'm not doing a good job," he said, noting that there has been a 4% increase in violent crime in 2017. Last year, official statistics showed violent crime had increased for the third year in a row.



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