Albany’s City Manager Announces Retirement

Home prices have prompted another high-level departure in Northern California.

The East Bay Times reports that Albany City Manager Penelope Crumpley is retiring. Assistant City Manager Nicole Almaguer will take over her duties on an interim basis.

The reason? Traffic and the housing market partly. Crumpley and her husband are moving to the Sierra Foothills where both are little more palatable. The recent death of Crumpley's mother expedited their move.

Crumpley has been with Albany for the past ten years, serving as city manager for the last four. City Councilman Michael Barnes called her “a strong leader” who was never afraid of confronting the tough issues.

“I am saddened to see Penelope retiring as city manager as it has been such a joy to work with her, and she leaves the city in great standing because of her unwavering commitment and leadership,” he added.

Almaguer thanked the city council for entrusting her with the interim city manager position.

“I am honored that the City Council has afforded me the opportunity to serve in the position of interim city manager, and I remain committed to carrying all of the great work Penelope began forward. The city of Albany is fortunate to have a talented staff of extremely hard working and dedicated people that I am truly indebted to for all the support and strength they have shown during this transition phase.”

Read more about Crumpley’s tenure and retirement here



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